How it works

Create a Single Customer View

Integrate and combine data from the entire customer journey into one single profile.

Build Your Audience Segments

Automatically identify your best customers and learn what they have in common

Cross-channel Activation

Target high value audience segments in any marketing channel

On-Board Customer Data To Your Advertising Channels

Easily on-board offline customer data to marketing platforms and advertising channels like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn for more engaging customer journeys & stronger customer relationships.


Sync Customer Data Across Your Marketing Stack

Pre-built and carefully handcrafted audiences based on your source systems, for quicker and smarter segmentation of your customers.

Cross-channel activation


Continue deploy new acquisition and communication channels without impacting the customer journey with an increasing awareness and healthy customer engagement.


Customer Data Platform for Customer Experience

Customer Data is essential for modern customer experience. The businesses and experts of today need data that can be used to generate actionable insights.

believe achieving a single customer view is important to their business

Very important to growth


Matching customers across devices


Tailoring Messaging by channel


Understanding customer behaviour over time


Associating Conversion events with marketing

Source: Econsultancy, Customer recognition: How Marketing is failing and its top priority, August 2016

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